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First Time Home Buyer Class - Can It Help?

If you are seeking to buy your first home, you might benefit from attending a first time home buyer class. A class like this instructs the first time home buyer in the in's and out's of this exciting but scary point in their life. You’ll learn the home buying process from start to finish as well as important financial information about buying homes. The class will answer your most common questions such as the following:

Where does the process start?

  • Should I rent or should I buy?
  • What are the risks?
  • What is escrow and earnest money?
  • What are the benefits of a home inspection?
  • What happens when my offer is accepted?
  • What are the tax implications?
  • And more!


Can I afford to buy a house?

  • Benefits of a good credit score
  • Prequalified vs. preapproved
  • Which loan program is for me?


What makes classes that we give at Carrie Pierce Real Estate so different from other classes? We offer genuine advice and tips on house hunting. We don’t try to sell you anything. The goal of the class is to empower you to make confident and smart real estate decisions. Learn secrets of buying that some real estate agents don’t even know about. For example, did you know buying a brick home in Seattle cost 3x as much to insure as a non- brick house? Did you know that certain neighborhoods in Greater Seattle are considered “higher risk” by lenders and therefore may increase your interest rate?

Buying your first home should not be taken lightly. This is possibly the most important financial decision of your entire life. You certainly want to get everything right, and a first time home buyer class will help you do just that.

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