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What happens on the day of closing in WA state? If you’re from an Attorney State like NY or MA, you’re closing happens with the buyer and seller in one room with their attorneys. At the settlement appointment the buyer and seller may sit in the same room, paperwork is signed, keys are handed over and you shake hands. You’ve already walked through the home with a fine tooth comb and made sure the home is still in good condition.


The Seattle real estate market is extremely competitive for buyers. When you find the one house you fall in love with sometimes a personal letter to the seller can give you a competitive advantage. The letter not only helps endear you to a seller but it also shows them how bad you want the house. If another buyer hasn’t written a letter you may come across as wanting the house more than the next buyer and this might be what convinces a seller to choose you. All the same, if another buyer has outbid you but you submitted a heartfelt letter that touched the sellers they might come back and give you the opportunity to price match the highest offer. I see this scenario happening often.


International President's Elite

We are very excited to announce winning the 2013 Award for #1 Top Producing Agent at Coldwell Banker Danforth. It’s a great honor because our priorities are not actually focused on sales volume. Our priority has always been providing exceptional client service. We then rely on referrals to gain new business. The fact that we were awarded top sales volume means that our clients are getting exceptional service and referring friends & family. For this we are deeply thrilled and very much appreciative of all of the ongoing business and referrals our clients have referred us.


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